It is our goal to supply Yamaha Enduro enthusiasts with parts that are either very hard to find or completely obsolete at a price that makes restoring one of these timeless machines affordable and fun!

In the coming months and years, we plan to release a steady stream of parts that have become obsolete for enduro models starting from the 1968 DT-1 on up into the YZ models and beyond.

We feel the recent surge in the popularity of these models is going to continue to grow and we want to be your supplier of high quality reproduction Yamaha Enduro parts.

About Our Rubber Products:

Some question has arisen about the quality of some of the products that are being sold today and we just wanted to clear the air for all of you. Products are being sold that quote themselves as being "superior" to the originals, but this is certainly not the case.

As to the comparison between our Buna-N and the cast urethane that is being used in other products, here are the scientific numbers so to speak. With painstaking care, all of our products are digitally copied and re-created from surviving museum quality samples. We NEVER copy anyone's reproductions. We target the OEM elastomers used in the original manufacturing process, yet incorporate today's space aged upgrades using a high grade Acrylonitrile-Butadiene polymer, compounded to meet and exceed the strict Military Performance Criteria (AMS/Mil-R-6885 Class 1 Grade 70) with added UV and ozone protection and anti-flex inhibitors, which add inherent resistance to oil, gasoline, gasoline additives, and steam along with many more commercial cleaners you would use to clean your CLASSIC machine after the days fun is over. Urethane based products have poor to very poor ratings when exposed to these elements.

Our professionally designed, pressure-heat vulcanized process insures complete polymer crosslink and superior high and low temperature service. This coupled with specially compounded polymer vibration dampening and abrasion resistance, will provide longer service under harsh conditions, assuring you that breakage in the field will be a thing of the past. Please, be aware of the cheap substitutions and backyard mold processes that are sure to develop failures from things as simple as high vibration and cleaning after a hard days ride.

We at KDI are committed to QUALITY and are looking forward to making parts for your motorcycle.